The loading screen

The Map

The map comes in two sizes:

This is a mosaic of actual-size images of the 20 smooth-scroll areas, each painstakingly pieced together from numerous screenshots. Total size of each of the six floors range from 768×384 to 2304×768 pixels.
One ninth of actual size in six files. Total size is 6×728×256 pixels.

The Quest

References to the map is in the form of floor number + north or south + west, center or east, and denotes only which smooth-scroll area an item is in.

  1. Seek the container to hold the poison blood of Nil
  2. The Amulet of Protection will render you immune
  3. A bit of leverage may be required to open the grills
  4. Slay Nil for the poison blood you require
  5. Steal the enchanted rope from the monks quarters
  6. Seek the grill above sleeping Honoric
  7. The magic of the Mansc must be removed from the crypt
  8. Deep down below lies Yaemons demise
  9. Seek out the charm in Yaemons tower
  10. Yaemons demise has released the magic from the scrolls

The Keys

0SpaceFire (throw shuriken or kick)
22Replenish energy (max. 3 times)

The Credits

© 1986 Gremlin Graphics

Spectrum version

Written by
Pete Harrap
Shaun Hollingworth
Greg Holmes
Chris Kerry
Graphics by
Steve Kerry

MSX version

Written by
Shaun Hollingworth
Colin Dooley
Peter Harrap
Greg Holmes
Chris Kerry
Disk version
R. L.