Expedient Skills – a fan-expansion for Tristan Hall’s Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game

This page describes a 24-card unofficial expansion to Gloom of Kilforth, containing one new skill per level for each of the four skill types, plus two skills per level available to all classes regardless of skill type.

The cards can be added in several different ways; our recommendation is:

The expansion is playtested, and found to be balanced, clear and fully compatible with the base game. There is no reason that it should not work just as well in combination with the upcoming official expansion.


The reuse of design elements and cardback art scanned from the base game cards for this noncommercial fan-expansion is approved by the game’s designer Tristan Hall (ninjadorg on boardgamegeek.com).

Original content is made by me, Tor Gjerde (gjerde on BGG), in cooperation with Chris Sundli (Koyaro on BGG). Owners of the game are allowed to make their own copies of the cards free of charge. Please do not republish the content without explicit permission.

Professional printing

The best way to make the cards is to have them printed by printerstudio.com (I have no affiliation with them, but have ordered cards of this type from them and am very pleased by the result). When I last checked, the price was USD 7.15 plus postage and minus any discount (various “coupon codes” are available at different times, but not all apply to cards).

It is easiest to just use the preassembled order, but if you want to modify it in any way (such as ordering a single deck with two copies of each card instead of two separate decks in order to save money), the following recipe would be the starting point:

  1. Download all 24 front and 20 back designs to separate folders

  2. Go to custom mini European playing cards at printerstudio.com

  3. Reduce the deck size to Up to 32 cards and click the orange Personalize it button

  4. Reduce the number of cards to 24 and click the blue different images button

  5. Click the green upload images button, select the 24 card fronts and upload them

  6. When the uploading is finished; click [Help me autofill images!]

  7. Click the orange next step button to get to step 2 “Add Text To Front” and again to get to step 3 “Customize back”

  8. Click on the blue different images button

  9. Click the green upload images button, select the 20 cardback files and upload them

  10. When the uploading is finished; click [Help me autofill images!]. When this has finished, drag a second copy of the last four cards to the last 4 slots.

  11. Click the orange next step button to get to step 4 “Add Text To Back” and again to get to step 5 “Preview & Add to Cart”

  12. Double check that all cards are paired with their appropriate cardback (skill-type and level)

  13. Tick the box at the bottom confirming that you have the authorization to use the content and click the orange add to cart button

  14. Complete checkout as instructed

The resulting quality is so close to the original cards that they can hardly be told apart during play.

Print and play

A faster and cheaper alternative is to print and mount the cards yourself. Though it takes a bit more work, and you will not be able to match the quality of professionally printed cards, the result is quite serviceable, especially if the cards are sleeved.