A Token Effort — Fan-made extra tokens for Tristan Hall’s Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game

This is an alternative design for the tokens included with Shadows of Kilforth to randomise the location affected by Night cards and/or Rewards. There is nothing wrong with the published design, but while waiting for that to become available, I made a version of my own. I reused graphics from the game, and made the tokens one inch squares like the Loot tokens, and based the back designs on those. For Night tokens I replaced the Loot icon with the icon on the Night cards; for the Reward tokens I reused the “Hidden” icon, based on the logic that something which needs to be “Discovered” must in some sense be “Hidden”.

The back designs link to PDF files which must be printed on A4 paper, preferably in the form of a full-sheet adhesive label. This is to be folded along the central line and pasted on both sides of a fourteen by fourteen centimeter or larger piece of cardbord of suitable thickness. Tickmarks along the edge show how to cut the tokens apart; I recommend cutting from the front side, as any small offset due to inexact positioning of the two sides should preferably be on the back in this particular instance.

The tokens can be be pulled from small bags or cups; Night tokens are discarded after use, while Reward tokens must be returned to the supply. The small icon on top of the artwork shows the location on an imaginary five-by-five grid.

The central location is included in both sets, but must be treated specially. For Rewards, it should just be left out for a normal game, as no Rewards have Sprawl City as their loction. If it is drawn as the Night location, and the Night card drawn requires an encounter to be placed on its location, a new location should be drawn and the central token returned to the pool.

Tor Gjerde <i@old.no>