Icon collections

These pages contain 32×32 pixel icons and 16×16 pixel mini-icons. Each GIF image is a link to an XPM icon (X picturemap) suitable for use with UNIX window managers such as fvwm2.

All icons made by me may freely be used, copied, distributed and/or modified for non-commercial purposes. If you have made suitable icons in the same sizes and wish to make the available for more people, please contact me and I will consider adding them to the collection (with due credits, of course).

Tor Gjerde <i@old.no>

Yin & yang
32×32 adapted from an icon from Iconolog
European-style roadsign (general warning sign)
European-style roadsign, intended to signify a high-speed version of something
End of highway
European-style roadsign, intended to signify stopping/leaving a high-speed service
Norwegian keyboard
The layout of the three most significant changed keys
US keyboard
The layout of the keys corresponding to the above
Happy hacking keyboard
Adapted from the logo
Windows program, for use with rdesktop. Based on detail from logo
Based on the logo