Game money

In the Danish version, game money came in the form of slips of thin white cardboard marked with a number of “points” from 1 to 500. The Norwegian version improves on this by instead having 85 by 48 mm banknotes printed in black on coloured paper. Relative to the Danish slips, their values are multiplied by one thousand, and accordingly the rules specifies that all rates are given in multiples of one thousand.

The colour of some of the banknotes vary between different printings. The colours which I believe to be the oldest is approximated in the illustration to the right. It is always hard to match screen colour with physical colours, and I have attempted to correct for the significant yellowing of the paper that has occurred over the years, which makes the distinction between the colour of the 100 000 and 500 000 notes almost imperceptible.

In the other set of colours, 2000, 5000 and 10 000 are identical to the first, but the others denominations differ. The red colour is used on 100 000 instead of on 1000; and 1000, 50 000 and 500 000 have very similar off-white colours that are hard to identify due to the yellowing of the paper. My impression is that the colour of 100 000 in the first set, which seems to originally have been a very light grey is used for 1000, and the cream colour of 500 000 has been used for 50 000 in the second set. That leaves the blue-grey of the first set’s 50 000 not accounted for, and although the second set does not contain a matching colour, it might actually be that its 500 000 originally had a very faint blue tint that has been neutralised by the yellowing.

  1. PDF file with the banknote designs – each page must be printed on paper of an appropriate colour. There are supposed to be ten each of most denominations, which all fit on a single page of print. Page 4 must be printed twice, as there should be twenty 10 000 notes. Only four notes of 500 000 is required, but I included eight of these on the final page in order to save a sheet if somebody wants to make two sets.

Tor Gjerde <i@old.no>