Jack the Nipper 1

The Map

Full size
One fourth of full size (1200×550)

Item: Found at: Use at:
Blowgun Nipper bedroom Any sprite (shoot)
Teddy bear Toy shop
China plate China shoppe
Battery Police station Just Micro (drop in "window")
Weight Jail Hummo Socks (jump onto conveyor)
Glue Launderette Gummo's chomping molars (jump onto conveyor)
Bust Museum (rear)
Pacifier Museum (hall)
Weedkiller I. Bloom Garden right of house (drop)
Bomb Haunted house Jail (drop)
Horn Haunted house Any cat (blow)
Fertiliser Graveyard Garden right of house (drop)
Clay Playskool rear Playskool front (drop)
Potty Playskool rear China shoppe (break)
Diskette Bank Technology research (terminal)
Washing powder Bank vault Launderette (all machines)
Credit card Master bedroom Bank facade (ATM)
Key left of house Bank, Museum (carry or drop)