Danse Macabre The Sun

The Sun

You will understand this Card if you imagine yourself to be a Sun God


Radiance. You need to share your highest qualities and achievements. Radiate who you are and what you are doing always. Brilliant. Radiant. Sparkling. So many of our words reflect the power and glory of light. Light enables us to see clearly and understand the truth. Both within and without, the energy of light expands our limits and makes us shine.

This is a card of attainment and liberation. You have triumphed over the events and lessons of the past and are moulding a new persona. Having struggled through the shadows, you now know yourself and know where you're heading. And the sun illuminates your path. This card tells you that you have reached a new level.

This card is a portal, an opening in your life. It brings exuberance, enthusiasm, attainment, success, material wealth. All things associated with the sun are indicated: tropical climates, enlightenment, empowerment, and the joy of creativity and rebirth. This card's work is to cleanse, to purify, to enhance, to improve, to illuminate. It is embracing one's destiny. You may have journeyed through darkness to get here, but this is the light.

When reversed or otherwise ill-dignified:

Plans are clouded.