Board games


A game of my own design about the Norse settlement of the islands in the North Atlantic. The rules and PDF files for all printable components are available in English and Norwegian, a Russian translation is linked to. After more than ten years of development, playtesting and play, I now consider the game finished.

Gloom of Kilforth

Expansions and accessories I have made for Tristan Hall’s fantasy adventure game.


Supplements I have made for the classical multiplayer fantasy wargame by Jason B. McAllister and David A. Trampier.


Description of a Scandinavian game from the late fifties with surprisingly modern features and qualities, including files for recreating missing components.


A major variant I have made for this amusing game because I felt that the overall flow of the game left much to be desired.


A minor variant reducing luck factor without sacrificing theme.

Settlers of Catan

A small but successful rules variant to add a little more variation and strategic depth to this popular game.

8-bit computer games

Maps made from screenshots and hints or walkthroughs for games for the ZX Spectrum, MSX and Commodore 64 home computers.

Role-playing games

Some campaigns I have played or am playing (mostly as GM/storyteller). In Norwegian only


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