Gloom of the North — A fan-page for Tristan Hall’s Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game

This page contains my additional content for the magnificent card-based adventure board game Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game by Tristan Hall. To varying degrees, the material is also relevant for the second game in the same series, Shadows of Kilforth.


In cooperation with Chris Sundli, I have made six fan-expansions for the game:

  1. Undead Ancients – a 32-card expansion containing four additional ancients and accompanying ability and plot cards.

  2. Twilit Sagas – a 12-card expansion containing four additional sagas with finales and totems.

  3. Risk & Reward – a 16-card expansion with one each of the different subtypes of rewards.

  4. Grave Encounters – a 22-card expansion with encounter cards; rich in the keywords that are rare in the base game, but still balanced with the official expansion.

  5. Dead of Night – a 25-card alternative night deck.

  6. Expedient Skills – 24 mini-cards with additional skills; for each level there are both one new card for each skill-type and two “neutral” ones available to all skill-types.

Parts I–V can be ordered from Printerstudio as a 107 card plus title card joint order, or either ordered separately or downloaded for print-and-play as detailed on the individual pages. As part six consists of differently sized cards, it will have to be ordered separately (shipping can be combined).


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